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U.S. Warned Of Threat Worse Than Katrina, Plague, or WWII

Millions could die: ‘This is clearly not something you ever want to experience’ More horrifying than the plague of Black Death across Europe. More costly in lives than World War II. Financially, it could make the Katrina repairs look like … Continue reading

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Senate Rejects Bill To Protect America From EMP Damage

The U.S. Senate has dropped a House-approved plan that would prepare the United States to defend itself from an attack from any electromagnetic pulse source – whether it would be from a natural solar flare or the detonation of a … Continue reading

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EMP Attack Would Decimate America

By: Ronald Kessler America is totally unprepared for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that would set civilization back to the 1800s, Dr. William Graham, who was chairman of the bipartisan congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States … Continue reading

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America is Vulnerable to An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

If a small atomic bomb were to explode 400km above Chicago it could fry all electronically-based technology from Chicago to Dallas affecting the infrastructure of all major cities on the east coast and as far as South Dakota. An electromagnetic … Continue reading

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Imagine No Phone, No Food, No Fuel

A new book that describes what might happen to America following an electromagnetic pulse attack, which would be expected to destroy the power grid, telephone systems and the Internet as well as food and fuel supply chains, is being used … Continue reading

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