Respect For The Law

In 1998, the Russians had an interesting comment about the Clinton Impeachment. The Russian public really did not understand why we made such a big deal of perjury. In Russia, it’s just a question of power politics, pure and simple, without any pretense of following law.

The former Mayor of Moscow had come to the united States to do reporting and he went back and wrote an interesting article in the Russian Observing Gazette, Why Americans Take Perjury so Seriously. These are very insightful remarks and they come from the Mayor of Moscow, a Russian, culturally external to us, who looked from the outside at our culture and addressed this issue.

“For an American, abiding by the law is something basic. In America, there was no state that insured its power with fear and force. In America, there was respect for law instead. If this should disappear from the American way of life, then the whole edifice of American democracy will be undermined.”

Isn’t that an astute observation by a Russian commenting on our culture.

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