Was Bill Clinton Originally Going To Expose Obama’s Ineligibility?

By Lori Stacey

One of our nation’s top investigative journalists, Dr. Jerome Corsi of WND, just broke a story which includes an exclusive interview with a Hollywood Producer named Bettina Viviano. Jerome Corsi has been working diligently on the frontlines for years investigating Obama’s true identity and a leader in what has been referred to as the “Birther Movement”.

Bettina had worked closely with Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff back in 2008 after being asked to make a documentary about voter fraud which was allegedly perpetrated by the Obama campaign against Hillary.

In this exclusive interview, Ms. Viviano alleges that Bill Clinton had always fully intended to expose Obama’s ineligibility problem during the primary. She claims to have heard Bill talk about Obama not being a citizen. As time went by, it became almost common knowledge with those closely involved within Hillary’s campaign that Bill would be the one to blow the whistle on Obama.

Viviano claims that the murder of Bill’s best friend, a would-be Super Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Arkansas was meant to be a warning to Bill to keep his mouth shut about Obama. She further claims that Bill Clinton was still intending to expose Obama even after the warning and death of his best friend, Bill Gwatney.

She was told by a Clinton campaign staffer that it was not until a threat was communicated against the Clintons’ daughter that Bill Clinton changed his tune and never mentioned exposing Obama again.

I believe this story has the potential to finally blow the entire lid of silence off of the Obama cover-up. Perhaps the exposure of this story will provide an opportunity for many others to finally feel safe to come forward as well. The timing of the release of this information, coupled with the investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio is certainly a major one-two punch of epic proportions to the current resident of our White House, no matter who he really is.

A video of this explosive interview and the full story by Jerome Corsi can be found here at WND. 

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