The Communists Condemn Romney and Praise Obama

The Communist Propaganda Rag, Pravda, is attacking Mitt Romney over comments he made about Russia and praising their present relations with the United States under Obama.

Romney said last week “Russia is the geopolitical foe.” Romney said this in response to Obama telling his Russian counterpart to give him “space” so that he could have “more flexibility” after the 2012 presidential election. In other words, Obama can completely sell us out after he is re-elected because the voters can do nothing to stop him!

If you would like to read Pravda’s trash, go to:

So, let’s see what a person might be able to extrapolate from this.

Our enemy attacks Romney and praises Obama.

Looking at this from an American viewpoint, it means you should vote for Romney.

Looking at this from an un-American, Democratic, viewpoint, it means you should vote for Obama.

See how objective I can be. I don’t just post one sided material. I believe in being fair and balanced.

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