Magazine Ban Legislation: Ignorant Statists and Terminology-Challenged Journalists, Unite!

Democrat congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine ban bill (previously mentioned in SurvivalBlog) will likely die in committee. It has attracted 90 co-sponsors–hardly a “barn burning issue.” But meanwhile, of greater concern there are several bans being pushed at the state level:

The first case in point comes to by way of a Buffalo, New York newspaper headline: Gun-toting senator pushes gun safety bill. “Gun safety”??? That is pure cant. A more accurate title for the article would be: Senator pushes New York law to ban sale, purchase, or possession of 11+ round magazines. It is notable that this law would eliminate the grandfather clause for New York residents. This article is marred by the all-too-common and incredibly ignorant “clip” terminology. Arrrgh! Calling a box magazine a “clip” is about as accurate as calling my laptop computer a “typewriter”.

Here is a related article: State Sen. Eric Adams shows how easy it is to buy high-capacity gun clips in New York State. And here is one more article about the publicity stunt: Senator taking aim at gun clips. The transactions described were perfectly legal, but they were described in hush conspiratorial terms. (“Ooh! It was so easy.” I have a news flash for the gun grabbers: It was easy to transact because it was legal, just as it should be.) So why did they make it look like some sort of undercover sting operation, with hidden cameras? This wasn’t a cocaine buy or a big city mayor taking a bribe for a car-towing contract.

FWIW, I feel sorry for gun owners in New York state. I’d be happy to help out any of you that are living behind the lines. I’ll be happy to let you have some of my excess pre-ban (pre-1994 production) magazines from JASBORR, at my cost, plus postage.

Contemporaneous with the anti-magazine hubbub in New York, we read: Connecticut Bill Would Confiscate All Magazines In The State Holding More Than 10 Rounds.

A similar piece of legislation was recently slapped down in Maine.

They also tried something similar in Illinois (and failed), back in 2007.

Of more immediate concern: Hoplophobes in Florida are presently agitating for a state-level ban.

Even in the legislature of well-armed Arizona, there’s a ban bill: Tucson legislator introduces bill to ban high-capacity ammo clips. They are Terminology Challenged there, too! Of course in the Sunshine and Gun Show State, it hardly has a chance of passage. This was undoubtedly some sort of political gesture.

Of course the mainstream journalists are frothing at the mouth, in pieces like this from National Pravda Public Radio (NPR): Shooting Prompts New Debate On Gun Magazine Ban. (Another article that quotes politicians with pseudo-expertise on “clips”.)

The statists just don’t know when to give up. Even though the political winds have shifted strongly against civilian disarmament, they persist, even when a bill has no real chance of passage. SurvivalBlog reader F.G. sent this: L.A. police chief backs ban on big ammo clips. (Will someone please explain to these ignorant folks the difference between a clip and a magazine? And while you are at it, explain to them 30 rounds is a “standard” or “full” capacity magazine (not “high capacity” or “extended”) for many rifles, such as the AR-15 and the AK. Meanwhile,15 round magazines are now standard for many handguns, So a 10 round magazine is in fact a greatly reduced capacity magazine.)

Here is a choice quote from that article: “Common sense restrictions provide law enforcement with a tactical advantage over criminals, making us all safer.” Ahem, but where in the Second Amendment does it dictate that the police are to be better armed than their employers? (“We, The People”)

Lastly, I can’t help but mention: How are we supposed to take legislation seriously, when it is drafted by people that are admittedly ignorant about the subject matter? (Yes, the same folks that want to ban “heat seeking” bullets and “armor piercing rifles”. Oh, and don’t get me started about another one of my pet peeves: the misuse of the word “bullet” when someone means to say “cartridge”…)

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One Response to Magazine Ban Legislation: Ignorant Statists and Terminology-Challenged Journalists, Unite!

  1. Tom says:

    Being from New York, I appreciate the sympathy, and the offer to help. However, I also feel an apology is in order: On behalf of all normal New York State residents: “I apologize for the fact that every anti-rights NY politician feels the need to push every emotional thought to the national agenda.” :( Even though they are extremely well informed:

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