Is This Fast & Furious Part Two?

Mass Shooting In Colorado. Many Things Here Don’t Add Up.

Some very interesting observations to bear in mind are the following:

Where Does A 24 year Old Kid Get A Bullet Proof Vest And Tear Gas Canisters?

How does a kid even get into a theater with a shotgun, tear gas, Riot helmet?

If he gained entry through rear entry fire exist, how do you lock pick a one way fire door exit?

The speed at which Obama went to airwaves to make his statements – less than two hours from the shooting.

Secret Service wakes Obama up at approximately 2:30 am for a non-federal, domestic issue, 1,400 miles away.

The wording used in Obama’s statement ”we will pull together as a Family” Makes you kind warm & secure knowing the government is right there to protect us all from evil guns?

The speed at which the FBI was on scene for a non-federal issue.

Why would gun shot victims be left behind in a theater for hours? You would expect that medical attention would be given to those even considered dead. Do EMT’s now have the authority to pronounce death? It has always been a doctor in the past.

Please strongly SCRUTINIZE any reports and statements from so called witnesses you hear and view from the news outlets. In other words, take all media reports with a LARGE grain of salt – maybe a few tons of salt.

(Metro News source and local FOX TV affiliate) Marconi writes: In my 20 years as a Broadcast Engineer, this is the most scripted reporting by mainstream media I have ever viewed.

I fear the government may have had a hand in this. This could be one of the many Presidential October surprises to come. In the days ahead, we will see the call to disarm all Americans.

I hope the sheep don’t fall for the Anti-Gun propaganda which will follow.

This may be Fast & Furious Two from the Holder/Obama/Clinton Gang.


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