Income Tax Truth…Trial Begins 20 Oct 2009

If you want to make a difference in the direction our Government is heading, you must focus on the river of money that is fleeced from the working American people every year on April 15th.

The charade begins when your boss has you fill out a W-4 on your first day of work and you Voluntarily enter into a private agreement with the US Government to have your earnings treated as if they were “wages” unknowingly entering you into indentured servitude (there is no better or accurate definition).

Read about a most important criminal trial that is about to begin, 20 Oct 2009, in Michigan. The IRS has quelled this case with a zero publicity campaign. That mere fact should be enough to get your eyes on the trial itself.

The accused is one Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America.

The argument:

Did Peter Hendrickson believe the testimony he made on his income tax returns when he claimed that his private sector earnings were not legally taxable income under the Internal Revenue Code’s own definition of “wages?”

Pay close attention here!

The argument is not whether Peter Hendrickson’s earnings were “wages” or not, but whether or not Peter Hendrickson believed what he was signing when he signed his 1040 for the last 6 years plus. In other words, the DOJ is pressing charges against Pete Hendrickson for what he believes, not what is fact based on their own legal definitions.

This trial is huge, and no news agency is covering it!!!

WHY? Imagine if the government can dictate what your sworn testimony must be?

“And David reached into his bag, and took out a stone.”

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