Stand for Liberty and Take Back America!

Obama’s scolding of the Supreme Court during the State of the Union address was out of line. But the attitude behind it is much worse – it’s dangerous and could destroy our system of checks and balances.

Obama’s condescending tone during Wednesday’s State of the Union address was annoying.

He upbraided the Republican minority; he chastised his own party’s legislators; he publicly excoriated the United States Supreme Court; he blasted former administrations and he told the Joint Chiefs of Staff exactly how it was going to be on the explosive issue of sodomites and lesbians openly serving in the military.

In fact, the only government official who remained above blame for any of the nation’s problems was… himself.

The Obama White House, which has done so much to dominate Congress and manipulate the legislative process, is now openly attacking the judicial branch!

Obama’s public humiliation of Supreme Court Justices seated in front of the Democratic side of the chamber was outrageous. The impact of his strong criticism of their recent decision in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” brought Democrats leaping to their feet to join his condemnation!

The Justices were forced to endure the sustained applause of his criticism – and then hear his emphatic promise to circumvent their decision! This breach of civility had the effect of intimidating the Supreme Court Justices.

This political theater was a serious affront to the Constitution’s separation of powers.

Just two days later, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Obama’s chief brown-noser and “water carrier” in the United States Senate, began complaining to the press that both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito had “misled” Congress during their confirmation hearings.

The chorus then grew to include Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

The political point? Don’t think about crossing the tyrannical Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis, even if you’re seated on the highest Court in the land!

This new socialist tyranny is the reason why we MUST Take Back America!

We cannot allow the radical Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis to take any more ground!

We must send a clear message that WE WILL NOT SUBMIT to out-of-touch elected officials who ignore the clear will of the American people!

The 2010 State of the Union address made it perfectly clear that Obama and his crowd are not going to give upon ANYTHING they said they wanted from the beginning -including Cap and Trade, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” passage of the discredited ObamaCare legislation, and all the other frightening proposals Obama laboriously mentioned in his speech.

Tell the media, our elected representatives, government bureaucrats – and whoever else needs to hear about it – that loyal Americans REFUSE to stand silently by while socialist Democrats take our nation apart, plank by plank!

If Obama gets even a small part of the radical agenda he poured over for more than an hour on Wednesday night, America will be in grave danger of becoming a socialist nation!

America will experience change this year. The question is what kind of change. Will it be the radicalism of Obama, or will it be a return to the sound principles of the Founders? The choice is ours!

Stand for Liberty and Take Back America!

Obama gave notice in 2010’s State of the Union address that he refuses to back down on his radical agenda. Let’s meet this challenge and stand strong in defense of America‘s founding principles and cherished values!

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4 Responses to Stand for Liberty and Take Back America!

  1. Woody Woodworth says:

    Sodomy/Gay in the military.?
    From: Woody Woodworth (
    Sent: Fri 2/05/10 6:49 AM
    To: Woody Woodworth (

    Attachments: 1 attachment
    woodyviet…jpg (34.3 KB)

    Lately I have had a few Veterans on my list ask me not to send out religious, political chain letters, spam and graphic emails.
    It is hard for me to please everyone because of all the likes and dislikes that my friends and acquaintances have?
    Some people criticize me because I send out to many boring emails,
    others write me and say they haven’t heard from me in a while and others may ask, What the sam hill happened to you?”
    This one pertaining to gays in the military is very controversial.

    Most every one knows that My wife and I are against abortion government funding.

    We are against DWI, pornography starting with Sodomy.

    The main point of this email is about allowing Sodomy/Gay in the military.

    I guess that a lot of you out there,don’t want me to use the word Sodomy/Gay.

    Well that’s to bad and I will never change on this issue.

    It might surprise you how many guys out there have been raped and sodomized in the armed forces.

    I know I was in three different branches during my life time.
    Don’t ever think that these Hollywood sweet gentle daisy gay blades are wimpy, they aren’t.

    A lot of those guys are body builders and tough AC/DC guys.
    President elect Obama and former President Clinton have an excuse since they never served in the military themselves.
    On the other hand.

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen should be ashamed of himself.

    I know there are a lot of young people out there that are presently Sodomy/Gay and think that the military is a democracy.

    Now that there’s no draft many would like to be patriotic and serve in the military.
    There’s a 92% chance that they’ll be allowed in the military, and bring in their HIV.

    The HIV virus in turn will raise the cost of Tricare.

    We must all pray that they never get in.

    We need a Miracle.

    “God Help Us All”.

    No comment on Lesbians.

    Semper Fi.
    Sgt. Woody Woodworth
    US Army Retired
    Vietnam Veteran
    3rd Marine Div.
    Vietnam 1965

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    • One Man's Thoughts says:

      Sarge, I had the same problem with people of different interests wanting different information passed on to them. Most liked guns, some liked politics, all disliked Obama. That is why I started this blog. I told them all that I have a blog and to check it out. Now, I do not send information to them anymore. Instead sending information to 6 to 12 people a day and being a pest, there are thousands of people reading something that has been posted – even old posts! The important issue is get the information out to people. That is the only way we will restore this country. Vytautas

  2. RDMatheny says:

    You are absolutely right about spreading the word. If each and every person can open the eyes of just one person, that puts us one step closer to winning this war on the destruction of America. With the internet there are a number of ways to get the message out either through email, blogging, social websites, message boards, or starting your own website. We just need everyone to do a little and it will multiply.

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