Preparing the Next Generation

by Bible Framework on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Each generation arrives on a historical scene inherited from the previous generation. Every younger generation begins its life living in the consequences of the choices made by the older generation. Today’s younger generation thus inherits the fallout of the increasingly pagan influence upon their parents’ generation. Parents of today’s young people grew up in an age that largely threw off whatever legacy of biblical influence that had been inherited in turn from their parents. It was an age when cultural Marxism permeated much of the young people through the popular writings of Eric Fromm and his like.

Today’s youth, therefore, have little or no exposure in their circle of friends to authentic Christian living or serious biblically-based thought. While enjoying advanced social media unknown just a few years ago, they are ill-equipped to exploit it evangelistically or in hammering out the implications of God’s Word for the challenges they and their friends face. Poorly equipped by a government-run school system that seems intent on erasing every remnant of biblical thought, it is no wonder that they are leaving the Church in droves

What would Jesus advise? He most likely would take us back in history to how, as the preincarnate Son of God, He instructed Israel to manage its youth. In Deuteronomy 6 He gave responsibility for preparing the next generation not to the state but to parents (see Deuteronomy Lessons 19-20 at ). Parents weren’t necessarily charged to teach every subject matter (they had priests and tradesmen back then who did some of that). But they were responsible to model for the youth what “living in the Word” looked like amidst the details of life.

Parents of young people today, especially in our small Bible churches, face the need for their youngsters to socialize with other like-minded youth. To help provide for that need the Vice President of Biblical Framework Ministries, Jeff Phipps, together with several pastors of small Bible churches decided to do something practical. Last year they successfully organized a youth camp in the Colorado Rockies. Some 40 youth from 12 different local Bible churches gathered at Camp Arete for a great week of interaction, biblically based instruction, hiking, fun, and worship.

Last year’s young campers discovered they weren’t lone, isolated teens in a secular culture. In these months since camp they have used social media to keep in touch with one another. What an encouragement! I urge you to support this Camp Arete effort by pastors and parents to help the training of our next generation. Knowing the leaders as I do, I have confidence that they honor the authority of the Word of God and are zealous to edify our young people.

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