Obama Pimps For Reid In Las Vegas

In 2008, no one supported Obama based on his achievements ­– military, legislative, administrative, or creating jobs in the private sector. There weren’t any. Today, all his acheavments are negative. Both he and his party are unpopular to anyone with even the slightest brain cells. Why?

Obama spoke before a hand-picked, closed-door Democratic crowd. What Obama should have said was, “You know, our economic policies of the past 18 months have not succeeded. In fact, many things have gotten worse. Here in Southern Nevada, your unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 4.4 percent to 14 percent, people have lost their homes, businesses have closed, 135,000 jobs have been lost. And it just might be that the tax-and-spend dinosaurs of my own party are part of the problem.

Instead, Obama was there to raise funds for one of those aforementioned graying partisans of the Senate, Harry Reid. And Mr. Obama continued to blame all his — and our — problems on the previous administration.

Obama did not mention front-running Republican challenger Sharron Angle by name. He did comment with disdain on her plan to let younger workers invest part of their Social Security withholdings in private accounts they would own:

“…she wants to phase out and privatize Social Security and Medicare.”

Did Obama then proceeded to set out his own detailed plan — and Reid’s — to save a Social Security and Medicare entitlement system? A system that the Democrat’s have already spent all the money that current retirees ever paid in, and which is thus headed for bankruptcy?

Well, no, of course he didn’t do that. Neither of these boobs have a plan. The fact is, neither he nor Sen. Reid have a clue how to pull this country out of its current dire economic straits.

And as far as allowing a person to control how his money is invested – well, there is no way in hell that Obama or Reid will allow that. Obama and Reid want control of all the money so they can spend it.

Obama bragged that he and Harry want to spend more tax money propping up the jobs of unionized state and local government workers. And where will that money come from? Big tax hikes on the very people who would otherwise be out there creating real, productive jobs — private businesses.

Higher cigarette taxes. Carbon taxes. “Cap and trade.” A tanning salon tax. A “1099” tax that’s projected to siphon an extra $7 billion out of the private economy over the next decade to help fund Obamacare … which they lied to us into thinking that it was supposed to “save us money.” The Democrats are already talking about a national Value Added Tax, in addition to the income tax rates that will go up for everyone if the “Bush tax cuts” are allowed to expire in December.

Obama nationalized the student loan business — a precursor to forgiving tax-backed loans if graduates behave in ways he chooses, destroying thousands of private-sector banking jobs — and brags about it.

He told his audience Friday: “As I’ve repeated many times as president, I believe the greatest generator of jobs in America is our private sector. It’s our entrepreneurs and innovators, who are willing to take a chance on a good idea. … The private sector — not government — is, was, and always will be the source of America’s economic success. Yes, he has repeated that but everything he does is trying to destroy the private sector.

Obama continues, “That’s why we’ve cut dozens of taxes for the middle class and small businesspeople, extended loan programs to put capital in the hands of startups and worked to reduce the cost of health care for small businesses. And Harry is fighting right now to pass additional tax breaks and loan authority to help small businesses grow and hire.”

He is referring to targeted tax credits to support “clean energy” jobs — 50 here, 50 there, according to Obama’s own examples – that will collapse the moment federal support is withdrawn.

Spain already tried that, and a study conducted by Dr. Gabriel Calzada, an economics professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, reveals that every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the past eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, while only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became permanent.

Obama is growing government control over our economy at the fastest rate seen since the wartime emergency of 1942.

Let’s send Washington a strong message. Let’s vote Reid out of office by a huge margin. Let’s all work to give Sharron Angle a landslide victory! Please support her even if you do not live in Nevada. http://www.sharronangle.com/ Harry Reid is a national problem that must be eliminated!

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