Firearm Microstamping Legislation May Trigger Remington & Colt To Leave Their Anti-Gun States

Remington and Colt could head West if New York and Connecticut force them to implement microstamping technology. (Remington Arms, Ilion, N.Y. And Colt, Hartford, Conn.)

Microstamping is a process that uses laser technology to engrave a tiny marking of the make, model and serial number on the tip of a gun’s firing pin to allow an imprint of that information on spent cartridge cases. The process is costly and unreliable

Remington executive, Stephen Jackson, wrote to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warning forced microstamping could prompt the company to “reconsider its commitment to the New York market altogether rather than spend the astronomical sums of money” necessary to reconfigure its manufacturing and assembly processes.

Ilion Mayor John Stephens told he believes the company, which has had suitors in several Midwest states with less restrictive gun laws, was not bluffing.

In Connecticut, Colt executives have stated that Microstamping legislation would drive gun manufacturers out of the State.

Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, said companies — and indeed industries — leave when they believe the business climate is hostile. He cited the car industry.

“It used to be Detroit and only Detroit, but now they’re opening up shops all along the South,” Pratt told “If they’re not going to be pro-business, then they’re going to lose those jobs. They’re making a bottom line decision: At what point does it become more cost-effective to leave the State?”

New York Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, the Democrat fool who is the chief sponsor of the microstamping legislation said she believes Remington’s vow is merely a threat.

I suspect it is not a threat. Remington and Colt have to be considering whether or not gun owners would buy their firearms that had microstamping. I suspect the answer would be no. I certainly would not. There is nothing in the Remington or Colt line that I want badly enough to put up with microstamping. There are more than enough firearms on the used market to to fill our needs.

There is no reason for these companies to stay in States that are hostile to legal gun manufacturing. Nevada and Wyoming would open their arms to both companies.

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