A Daily Compendium of Free-Market Thought

I would like to share with you some good articles from The Daily Bell.

Fed Secretive For Good Reason

What central bankers are afraid of, especially Fed bankers, is not destabilization in our opinion, but the revelation that central banking is nothing more or less than crony capitalism of the most concentrated and powerful kind. The loans, the electronic money printed out of thin air, the outright giveaways – these, if analyzed closely, will show conflicts of interest that influenced the giveaway of trillions. It will show that the monetary elite directs money – fiat funds based on the faith and credit of the body populace – to those whom it wishes to enrich for purposes of generating further control and additional wealth for those who control the levers of money power. It will show, in other words, that Bernard Madoff was merely a piker who did it the hard way.

To read this article please go to: http://www.thedailybell.com/508/Fed-Secretive-for-Good-Reason.html

Health Care Anger Has Deeper Roots

The longer the Internet does its informational work, the more people understand about what’s really gone wrong. The end result in our opinion will be that the monetary elite will have to take a step back much as they stepped back during the Gutenberg era. What shape that retreat will take remains to be seen. We do hope it will involve – among many other things – the resurrection of a gold and silver standard, the most stable and sane form of money known to civilization.

To read this article please go to: http://www.thedailybell.com/508/Fed-Secretive-for-Good-Reason.html

Swine flu Another Impetus For Creeping Radicalism Of American Officialdom

The trouble with government solutions and government in general is that official belief structures and official practices are just as likely to be wrong as right. Shocking? It is an unfortunate historical fact. The sun does not revolve around the earth, there are more elements than earth, wind, air and fire and nobody can prove a witch by drowning her. These and other beliefs have gone by the wayside only to be replaced by global warming, peak oil and war-on-terror memes. These dominant social themes, in the opinion of the Bell, may prove as incorrect in the future as any others – and in these cynical times may be promoted by a monetary elite that knows they are not accurate. Nonetheless, they will be combated through a variety of solutions that range from the ridiculous to the dangerous – including apparently mandatory vaccinations for illnesses that are far from mortal for most. It is an unfortunate trend, especially in America.

To read this article please go to: http://www.thedailybell.com/509/Obama-team-to-regroup-after-a-bruising-August.html

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