A 4 Month Investigation Into Obama’s Background by The Washington Examiner

Just now being published a 4 month investigation into President Obama’s background….by the Washington Examiner.


We were told that Pres Obama came from “humble beginnings” —- The 4 month investigation now being published reveals that ACTUALLY he came from privilege living in the best, highest priced neighborhoods as a child, going to expensive private schools…grandmother was a bank VP.

We were told that Pres Obama had reached Rock Star status with many devoted student fans when he was a college professor. ACTUALLY the 4 month investigation reveals that actually he was consistently rated in the lowest 1/3 of all professors and it dwindled lower from there.

We were told that he was a champion of the poor and disenfranchised, ACTUALLY the 4 month investigation reveals that he worked to legally advise and assist a preacher and owner of 15 apartments to turn off heat in the dead of winter, have the tenants removed and compensate them with only $50.00.

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